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BMW 318 TI 1995 AND MORE



The bmw 318TI is the touring compact car thats not going to kill you on the costs for parts etc as parts are cheaper than Japanese cars and the workings less complicated then Jap cars. You can get a manual online for these models apart from the drive belts which have 2 belts instead of one and the hex tool is 10mm not 8mm as manuals say. However many models many differences. Write to us as we will run a forum just for the 318ti E36 model soon







The belts are driven off of the crankshaft and power accessories such as the water pump, power steering pump, alternator and air conditioning compressor.  There are two belts on the car - one that powers the air conditioning compressor [serpentine belt ] small and another that powers everything else.  Both should be checked for wear. If you see cuts in the belt change it. The car can run fine without the air conditioning belt installed but do your self a favour --change it.


The serpentine belt is the left belt with tensioner in the middle

Before you take either belt off draw a diagram so you know how it goes back on and make sure the ribs fit into the slots.

The poly-ribbed belt setup has a spring-loaded belt tensioner pulley that provides the proper tension for the belt at all times, making adjustment unnecessary. 

Belt on the right is your main drive belt


6-rib, 0.17 in. thick, 0.82 in. top width, 65.5 in. effective length, W rib profile, standard rib type, rubber backside material, EPDM, Aramid reinforced compound; Multiple-rib design provides better belt-to-pulley contact for less slippage extending its service than conventional V-belts. ITS EASY TO FIT THESE BELTS. Takes 5 minutes using a hex [allen key 10mm ]. Take the plastic cap off the tensioner in the middle. Use a mirror eg. makeup mirror from your wife to see the hex slot. Theres a bolt too but don't touch that. Now once you slot the hex into the slot go anticlockwise and this will depress the tensioner so you cannot remove the old belt. Replace using the new belt and go back with nthe hex tool clockwise to tighten. make sure the ribs slot in and start the car to make sure it spins Ok then if Ok replace the plastic cover and tap it into place. Job done---5 minutes of your time.

A garage will charge you $60- $100 as they don't care and because its a BMW.

NOW WHERE TO BUY YOUR BELT -BNT charge $69. The belt cost is around $35. NZ so now you save on buying and installing yourself. The main belt costs around $45. email to


us [ ]



Be back later tonight as have to go to work.??? If you have parts for sale tell us and we will list for FREE.

Yes no cost to you buying or selling the 318ti



HOW TO DO REPAIRS: [ BMW 318ti seat belt ] [ BMW 318ti thermostat ] [ BMW 318ti water pump removal ] [ BMW 318ti brake shudder ]

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