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2019 We will not be processing firewood

as we are logging.

If you want to be on our list later just email us and we will let you know. Please specify size of your wood burner as most of our wood is 12-15" long but we may have smaller sizes. Just ask us??


GST excluded

What 1cbm Gum. Mac, Pine looks like: its actually more approx 1.3cbm


Handy Hints :

1/. Some trailer sellers are not what they say. Check that 1cbm = 1m x 1m 1m then check our truck!

2/. We give more than we say! & allow inspection

3/. Use old tea bags socked in diesel for fire starters. Wrap 2 tea bags in a sheet of newspaper?

4/. Use old bark for kindling

5/. We sell by the cbm [cubic metre ] which is 1m x 1m x 1m . For those not sure 1 chord = 3.6cbm?

Because we are a Registered Land Trust we only deliver anywhere in Levin FREE but will cart for a delivery fee only to surrounding areas like Waitarere= $10 cartage. Otaki, Foxton, Shannon, & Himitangi Beach =$20 cartage. We do not deliver to Palmerston or further South than Otaki


Mac logs. Water does not penetrate Mac unlike Pine so once ringed and split is fine. Please note Mac does spit so only ideal for enclosed wood fires & is sometimes hard to start so best to use once your fire is up and burning. Our trees have been down well over 1.6-2 years.

1cbm ute load or we put same in our truck

Dry Pine fully loaded 5cbm top truck loads

Dry Pine

We also have gum [ pic above]

1.8cbm of pine ute caged loads







We have our own stand pf pine tress and macrocarpas as well as Eucalyptus trees. Based in Levin for Levin folk.

You can preorder from us and we will have your winter firewood stocks ready in advance.

We sell Firewood: Trust our Trust for your supplies.


Our macs above from our West Coast region block. 3000acres of Native, Pine and Macs.

100 year old Macs

Millable macrocarpa logs above.


Our logs for export. The rest is firewood.

[ Gum Firewood in Levin ] [ Firewood in Levin ] [ Installing a wood burner ]

" 2019 will be an even colder winter with all the problems in the world so stock up using our wood at cheaper than ever prices & be like me & keep warm for winter"!.

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Email us: export@pobox.com