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Our Pekin ducks--- we are down to 7 ducks now due to a vicious stoat

and theres many in NZ now. FERRETS also as they were released into captivity.


us now if you have info

We plan to build our own alternate traps to catch these stoats & not to catch domestic animals--safe. You are welcome to send us your experiences with Stoats



In 2013 we went to feed our Pekin Ducks at 9am one morning to find a stoat was in the process of destroyin our whole flock. We lost 4 ducks and another 3 were viciously bitten on the neck. This stoat would suck the blood out of the neck then move on to the next and we had to put 2 ducks down. The stoat had burrowed under the fence we thought was proof but now no different. Our pen was a blood bath as he took off when we came to feed the ducks. They are now safe on our lake in the meantime.

We tried to set opossum cage traps with fresh duck meat and eggs [ stoats love eggs ] but to no avail. This guy was cunning. We have now ordered a stoat trap and will try but then we realized we can make our own using a tunnel trap with rat trap. This will kill the stoat and also are easy to make. As well we have decided to design our own simple stoat traps using a tunnel polyethylene trap that we are about to injection mold once our design is finished as at 27th Jan 2013.

DOC TRAPS COST $39 EACH THEN THE BOX AT $18 APPROX. You can make your own if you learn the habits of a stoat or ferret and below is a simple way to save you money. Many traps sell on Trademe at prices from $40-$50 but you may only use them once. Experiment. We will have our tunnel traps at sub $30soon and we are in the development stages now -- jan 27th 2013

With the above plastic bucket insert a small hole in the roof of the bucket then dangle some bait just above the rat trap base. He will then try to get the bait & stand on the trap. Our stoat traps for sale will be made using plastic PVC pipes for tunnels and also using a rat trap to catch them so can be removed & replaced when useable time up

The opossum traps and cages are useless and a waste of time. We will have more info soon. kIWIs not eaten as an egg, 95% are eaten alive as babies and they are vicious when they attack as they do not eat them as one but will mass kill when they can.

This trap OK for stoats--- in NZ
This trap not for stoats---but opossums

We found the trap on the above right even tying the bait the stoat would trip it easy then go and eat the bait. We even built a tunnel for entry likt the one on the left. The trap was easy for the stoat to trip off

These traps are pretty useless for stoats--ideal for cats or for opossums but the ones with a trapdoor

when it walks over then door closes are OK.


Stoats are small in size 38cm in height and weighing an average of 200 grams+ . It's claimed that we have the world's largest population of Mustelidae which were introduced. Ferrets were first introduced in 1879 into the Conway River valley on the South Island east coast to control rabbits, but quickly saw native birds were easy prey as well. Stoats were introduced to New Zealand in 1884 to control the rabbit problem & are now a problem in NZ. The stoat will live to around 5 years give or take and are usually loners. Stoats kill an average of 40 North Island brown kiwi chicks a day - a total of 15,000 a year, and 60% of the chicks born each year so we are now preparing traps of all shapes and sizes to get rid of them and when you witness what they do you will understand birds have no chance to survive.





If you need help please ask us.

Stoat trap feed: Ideally use cat fishy food or use fresh bait rabbit or chicken, or eggs, crack one open as they love eggs. If you have a rabbit drag it around the trap area so it will smell the bait. They are cunning but you will win even though they may give up keep trapping [ See our simple design ]. We will have these on the market soon


" help us get rid of stoat in NZ harmful to our native wildlife as well as Ducks, chickens "

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