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Big Frog say its the best Rural Broadband in NZ for those Rural farms and completely wireless and better than Farmside due to their 40degree satellite to the North. If you get Sky TV then you will get Bigfrog Internet easy. Whats more the package is a lot better than any other Internet Broadband on the Kiwi market but check around and please read the fine print. If you need sky Bigfrog can install Sky and Broadband at the same time

For your review just send email us now

WHATS THE COST FOR RURAL INTERNET: FOR AS LITTLE AS $150 TO INSTALL AND AS LOW AS $55 PER MONTH??? but remember this can and will change as they do not list rising costs or that the small plans are limited to what one can download. Everything you upload to the internet or download like opening Utube, videos or bringing mail into your PC is downloading and you pay. The more you download the more it will cost you & this is called datacaps. 1GB is just enough to surf the net so consider min 3GB if on the internet every day for an hour or 2 & more if you can afford.




Big Frog & Farmside eliminate the use of costly telecom wiring and use satellite to transmit to your home so theres no wiring but the service is not cheap but its convenient for rural outback families with limited Broadband but check all the time as the lines are getting better for Broadband and the costs must come down as more players get involved and technology gets better. Check the fine print first and thoroughly as some keep info out. If are getting dialup check your speed as if only 24kbps then you won't even be able to upload let alone download.

Rural Inzone: about $700 for set up and a router, service (3 GB/month), which is wireless, is $72/month, no contract to sign & no terms conditions for cancellation etc. The data cap of 3GB is great. They will even put a line in for telephone + $150 to install and I think around $25 a month. Tel: on 0800 SATELLITE.

Another rural internet website is Wisprnet which is Kiwi owned but they do not show terms and conditions nor any contract cancellation details on their website.


STARTER PLANS for satellite rural providers

BIGFROG ;TADPOLE LITE - 256/64 - 500mb $54.95 per month (gst inclusive). Useless for internet downloading in 1 month LITE PLAN FARMSIDE:512Kbps download 256Kbps upload, 500MB data cap $69.95* / month including GSTUseless for internet downloading in 1 month
LEAPFROG LITE - 512/128 - 500mb $59.95 per month (gst inclusive) Useless for internet downloading in 1 month REGULAR: 1Mbps download, 256Kbps upload 1GB data cap Just $99.95* / month including GST. 1GB is the Bare minimum for downloading
STANDARD PLANS TADPOLE - 256/64 We recommend this plan for basic surfing and emails. 1 to 5GB datacap PLUS: 2Mbps download 512Kbps upload 2GB data cap $124.95* / month including GST
LEAPFROG - 512/128 We recommend this plan if you would like to try our VoIP service. 1 to 5GB datacap PRO: 5GB data cap $229.95* / month including GST. Most Expensive for datacaps in NZ.
BULLFROG - 1024/256 1 to 5GB datacap.  

Installation Costs for Wispr Wireless

Supply and installation $649.95 for standard installation (consisting of a roof or barge mount, 15 metres of UV resistant cable ). More than one computer configured, charges are $99.95 per hour. Includes installing and configuring wireless routers, networking etc. A little pricey on the installation but cheaper on the data caps than the others:

1Gb @ $39.90 3GB @ $49.90 & 5GB @ $69.90 10GB @ $ 89.90.



Farmside is perhaps the dearest Rural Internet in NZ. Extra data can be purchased with any of the PLANS one wants to use but check the fine print. With Farmside you are locked in for 2 years yes 24 months and they do not list any fees for cancellation for those who inadvertently have to close their connection or you decide you want to move to Australia. Early disconnection fee is $469 (Inc GST). Another factor is if they decide to increase the price anytime during your contract you are bound to pay the increased costs with one month notice. Again you are at the mercy of Farmside. Most rural providers also do not allow you to drag over your excess mb space onto the next month & you need to ask them for quotes to remove your system--this is not a set fee & can change to what they want to set. Most of these companies are run by CEOs. Be carefull being locked in to any contracts with any telephone provider. Best to try dialup first then broadband but theres many to choose from.

Completely wireless & available for Broadband Internet on any isolated farm but its definitely not cheap. For normal internet users 1GB of download space is Ok if you do not run a business but if you have kids who wish to surf then you have to purchase a data cap in the form of extra GB which costs min $29.95 or should we say $30 and be locked in for min 2 months not 1 month so if you use less the next month you still pay for the extra data cap which cannot roll over in the following month. If youre running a business then ideally 2GB of download data cap is what you will need but then the price will jump an extra $44.95 on top of your monthly bill & for 5GB then the cap costs you: $99.95 & for 10GB it costs: $189.95However they do offer now an off peak of 10GB from midnight to 8am for $10 to download? Try to get a phone & Broadband in as its getting better all the time.

WHY DO THEY CHARGE FOR CAPS: Simple to make money. In Thailand theres no limit on what one can download for min 500 baht per month with an ISP. Remember theres 60m people in Thailand and no limit for what you can upload and download but in NZ its a complete ripoff. IPSTAR satellite run by Farmside is owned by Thailand but then they would have to pay for leasing the equipment

Rural Broadband Installation Orcon Rural Broadband for just $449. If you live 50km away from the base station you will be liable for extra mileage costs. Extra mileage is $1/km. The equipment and installation for Rural Broadband is subsidised to reduce your set up costs and because of that a $499 disconnection fee applies if you cancel your Orcon Rural Broadband connection within 24 months. All prices listed include GST but at least ORCON tell this to customers on their website.


Whether you are looking for ADSL, Cable or Wireless Broadband, theres many plans from New Zealand's leading providers available for you to choose from.


If considering dialup ask for a test of your internet speed on the lines. If around 24kbps-30kbps then forget about anything fast so maybe forget it as hard to down and upload info?? Kbps stands for kilobits per second (thousands of bits per second) and is a measure of bandwidth (the amount of data that can flow in a given time) on a data transmission medium.

Kiwi Online provides pre-paid unlimited internet access at unbeatable prices while including advanced features you'd have to pay extra for elsewhere. Or a plan with Telecom. They have the $49.95 plan 8000/125kpas with 3GB but in some rural places you may not receive Broadband.

Xnet Internet is $74.45 plan 8000/384 kpas but with 20 GB allowing you plenty of download space for kids, movies etc more than enough for a family. If you have direct dial tolls they offer a reduction on Dial-up Internet. Any WxC direct dial tolls customer who has Xnet Dial-Up will automatically have their internet reduced to $9.95 including GST.

ORCON 2400/ 1000kpas with 15GB space & costs $74.00 per month. They have an excellent Value Flat Rate. Unlimited dial-up Internet access. No data or time restrictions, so no nasty surprise bills. Pay monthly or 3 months in advance, which ever suits you. $14.95/ month

Telstraclear Home 150 and Flat Rate plans have a 6 month minimum subscription period. If you terminate before the end of the 6 month minimum subscription period, they will continue to bill you the fixed monthly amount until the end of that 6 month period.

INSPIRE is another provider. No connection setup fees No data charges Free setup within Palmerston North City boundaries, for PCs and newer Windows operating system users only One email address, with up to five email addresses aliased to it. Costs $10 -$20 per month. Speeds for InSPire Net Dial-Up Service vary according to the type of modem used as well as the quality of the telephone line. If a good telephone line and you are not too far from the exchange, speeds of 50 to 52Kbit/s for downloading, and between 28.8 to 33.6Kbit/s for uploading are the best modems.

SLINGSHOT: FREE unlimited dial-up access when you have your homeline and tolls with Slingshot on a new 12 month contract.$9.95 per month for 30 hours, $1.50 per hour thereafter $12.95 a month ($16.95 without tolls). Unlimited access


WOOSH start with a $29.95 a month deal for wireless but only 1GB which isn't enough for the average surfer. $39.95 for 5GB & 10GB $49.95 & 20GB $59.95. & remember a 12 month period. Topups for 1GB are $5 both wired & wireless; 5GB= $15/$10 & 10GB $30/$20. Check early cancellation fee?

XTRA is telecom and the biggest provider in NZ. $39.95 for 3GB; 10Gb for $49.95 & 20Gb for $59.95 & 40Gb for $79.95

ORCON: Wireless broadband internet access 1GB data (data upgrades available). Includes a $5 per month discount for moving your direct-dial toll calling to Orcon.FROM $54.95/ month. Basic Speed - 256 kbps download and 128 kbps upload (upgradeable) Includes 1GB of broadband data (upgradeable with great value data bundles) $5 per GB for any additional data used. Great value toll calling with Orcon. $449 installation fee – includes a site visit. 24 month contract and early disconnection fee applies

SLINGSHOT: Free Off-peak Period - unlimited download during your plans off-peak period doesn't count towards your data limit! Databanking for 12 months Free Email Anti-virus, Spam Filtering.Webmail - 5 email accounts -email addresses. Free Personal Web Hosting Free unlimited dialup account New to broadband? free connection,free modem 12 month contract applies. Moving broadband from another provider? You won’t need a modem, halved contract length to 6 months.   Need a wireless router? Join on a 24 month contract $20!  Cancel contract $149 on the website.





email us now & send your experience with ISPs

" Many Dialups and Broadband to choose from but read the fine print "

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