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Waitarere beach fishing contest


Fish were auctioned on the last day to the public and this schnapper

went for $100. Caught on a longline by Penny King 7.94kgs

Levin New ZealanIf youre into fishing then make a date next Easter weekend to the beach at Waitarere just North of levin. Nice flat sandy beach and plenty of action with fishing and the 2010 fishing contest drew nearly 200 competitors. Lots of schapper, red cod, guernard, kahawai, trevally . Every Easter April 10, 11 and 12 th at Waitarere Beach.



The auction on the Sunday drew a good crowd but the bidding changed and they auctined more fish eg 5 at one time and everyone got a bargain eg $30-$40 for 5 fish isn't too bad when you see the supermarkets charging up to $30 a kilo for fillets. Well we bought some and wow excellent.

There is 3 categories: boating, surfcasting and long line 25 hooks from the beach only. The sirf casting was won by Ruben Levy 11 yrs old with a 3.94kg schnapper & a 2kg kahawai to win the surf casting. The boat section was won by Les Corcoran with a 3.54kg schnapper.

Over the weekend $3000 was raised for charities and there were plenty of fish for auction.


NZ companies are moving from Levin & theres hardly any left now!!!!!



[ Waitarere fishing Contest Easter ] [ Property Report May 2010 ]

WHY ARE MANUFACTURERS & BUSINESSES LEAVING NZ: [ Read the story ] The issues are economics nothing else and many a time the owner is blamed for moving when in fact he has no say in the matter otherwise he will go bust. However read the reasons why NZ has lost the plot ---[ Compare to Thailand ] & why more factories are heading abroad now. It makes sense.[ Check WHY THAILAND ] is better for Manufacturers & any Kiwi Company. Why NZ is lost [ NZ Deficit increases ] Yes we owe money????? [ Government $250m a week borrowing ] [ Kiwisaver ] [ Kiwisaver good or bad Providers ] [ Transmission Gully Impact costs ] [ NZders lose out ] [ Electric Power Increase ] [ Benefit cuts good or meaningless ] [ Family budget ] [ Quit smoking-heres how ] [ Truck panel & Paint ] [ World population exploding ] [ Retirees new visa over 65 ]

"Good fishing in NZ at Waitarere & I had schapper for breakfast "

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