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There are many Estimas in NZ now and they are very popular with families. They come in either petrol or Diesel. We aim to list the good and bad things about the Estima but if you have problems and have them solved and like to share them with us please send to us. No names or emails are mentioned. Tell us what you think of the Toyota Estima. Prices will vary from $2000 for a 90-92 to $4900 for a 95 then you get the models with no cam belt to do in the 96 upwards.





The 95 Toyota Estima Van Diesel model

2.2 litre diesel engine (3C-T or this model which is a 3C-TE).






These cars have a large interior as the engine is mid mount, ie under the floor making the interior long and roomy. Front and Rear AC, parking sensors, folding mirrors and twin sunroofs plus nice cloth seats make it a wonder van with good looks as well. They come in 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive and thelater models are slightly smaller than the early ones.



When buying an Estima diesel or petrol make sure the cambelt has been changed which should be after 100,000 kms. Normally theres a sticker under the front bonnet. The few problems you will have with the early models is overfilling the oil. If the oil level light goes on and stays on then you have put too much oil in. Also with the 4 wheel drives check the underneath rubber CV joints as these can cost you around $600 per each. Oil filters for diesels are $36 at Supercheap to buy but check on which model motor you are running.




The plate in this pic under the bonnet will tell you which motor you are running.



Our battery lost a stay but its OK to use an elastic strap on this battery.


The indicator lights on your dash are excellent warnings.

PETROL MOTOR: is a 4 cylinder engine almost flat (at a 75-degree angle), beneath the front seats. Spark plugs are located underneath the left-side front seat of the Estima. All engine running eg. alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, and radiator fan, are accessible from the front hood, driven off the front of the engine by an accessory driveshaft. On 4 wheel All drive units theres 2 main driveshafts but watch out if you need to change the joint rubbers @ $600 a pop and the motors are bitches of things to work on. The Toyota Estima started in Japan in 1992 and had many variants from the 2.2 turbo diesel engine to the 2.4 petrol engine as well as 7 or 8 seats and 2 or 4 wheel drive. A wide bodied 2.4 petrol engine is the 'Previa'. The body shape stayed basically the same until 1999 when a new 3rd Generation Estima was launched. The new version has a 2.4 and 3.0 litre petrol engines only.





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