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Imported from overseas we have on hand neutral screen cabling for all your home and outbuilding jobs. We can offer you a free quotation on your trench work to laying CCTV CABLES TO TELECOM CABLES & UNDERGROUND NEUTRAL SCREENS. Why spend thousands on getting your sections cabled up when really you are paying too much. We will install all your cables cheaper than any other quote but please you get a quote then come to us and we will see if we can better it.




From our mini excavator for those small hard to get around sections to the mega structures



We install cabling & piping from electrical neutral screen to undeground CCTV cables and telecom cables. We can also supply you with the cable which complies with NZ specs any size any neutral screen from 16mm to 3 phase cables in aluminium or copper sheathed.





We provide many services for your house, farmlet or Commercial Premise


Re-piling, Re-leveling houses, Rebuild floors walls etc & renovations Underpinning brick houses. Lifting of foundation on a brick veneer house
Install moisture barriers, underfloor insulation Remove brick chimney; old paths, additions
Concrete cutting & jobs Tip Trucks, topsoil , aggregate rocks
Excavator work, driveways

Digging Lakes & swimming pools,

Landscaping services Tree removal & firewood supplies


Installation of mega silos imported from India.


All work is to NZS 3604 standards



All work must be Council inspected and we have our own Certified Builders for any extensions and additions you may want on our list --- who can assist with Building permits to NZ Standard Specifications, Engineers reports & workers must be covered by Public Liability Insurance for all work.

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