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FORESTRY LOGGING CONTRACTORS for small to large forestry blocks right thru the NORTH ISLAND





As at Sept 2019 the export schedules have started to increase afetr a drop in schedules due to China now importing from Russia cheaper than what NZ can price out. The bridge over the Amur River between China & Russia is open & Russia is now planting the equivalent area of NZ each years in Pine trees: Export schedules may well drop this year????as USA/China trade war develops full scale. Lucky for NZ shipping costs have fallen but then with the latest Saudi oil scare things could change.

Please send us the following information:



1/. Approx acreage of trees in hectares or acres & where?
2/. If tracks are in the block therefore access to the whole block ?
3/. How old in years of trees and if pruned/unpruned/or stages
4/. How close to roadways / how close to any buildings
5/. Any streams or rivers in or near the block

We will then get back to you

email us

We provide Logging services from consulations to the final logging or pruning or thinning. Fully Insured & Qualified we can move our equipment anywhere in the Lower North Island. We cover anywhere in the North Island even Northland, Gisborne, East coast, Taranaki to Wanganui to and as far South as Levin and Otaki, Waikanae, Paraparaumu & Wellington ----- and work in all these areas every year. We specialise in all aspects of Forestry Tree work including Planting, Pruning, contract thinning reduction works, Thinning of your trees to even removal of trees if you need. We are a NZ Company with full certification and can provide you with the current schedules for export logging. We also make sure you get value for money as no logs are wasted with our local timber suppliers who carry logs not destined for the export market.

Can get you the farmer and land owner the

top prices for your pine logs via the Exporters to China Taiwan and or India.





Our machines can log anywhere. We also provide services to cut tracks and

fill for tracks using our Komatsu 41P Bulldozer.

We provide forest owners with Harvesting and Marketing services for each forest owner in the lower North island and we specialize in assisting the forestry block owners. Our aim is to provide our clients with the best possible net return for your trees and we will tell you if not ready or if your trees need to be thinned etc.

We can cut the necessary tracks in for you and no payment is made by you for this work as it comes off the trees and we guarantee our work as well as payments direct to you as we remove. Get our advice for FREE even if you have your own contractor & ask for our no obligation FREE quote.

Remember if the export schedule is down we pull out saving you lower costs. Trees still grow so you never lose.

We work in the lower North Island based in Levin and have an ongoing relationship with all the local timber sawmills so none of your trees are wasted. We take out and remove just what you need and if you wish to replant or put back into pasture then we can advise .We also work with all the nearest export ports of discharge to help you.


Gian Pacific Marketing is a specialist company associated with our Bangkok based KPS International Trade (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. and been actively in business for 20- years. Due to our overseas export company under the umbrella of Asia Trading Post www.asiatradingonline.com we have established ourselves in the outsourcing International business not only in logging, export machinery . We work with the largest Forestry Export company in NZ.

But now we have local Levin Forestry logging that will do the work for you. You contact us and we will get the crew for your job:

now can provide Harvesting and Marketing services to private plantation owners in the North Island region and work on the best premium harvesting returns for the small forestry owners using our consultantcy team and contracting crews.With costs increasing for access and charges you want to get the best return possible and we can assist.



All workers are certified as are all the equipment used and we use certified Logging contractors. All customers we work in hand to hand with you and your neighbours to get the best possible routes into your block should we have access problems. We also provide you with all the rating schedules for your logs and what your forestry stand will receive. Just send us an email for further info:

email us



Top prices for your Trees. Pruning services by harvester or chainsaw reg
Forestry logging for export & domestic market. Own equipment
We get the premium prices for all logs & not from one Export Company
Arrange all trucking with NZ's top trucking companies and or railway connections to the wharf
Arrange the right crew for your job with top machinery and full safety specs.
All work is overseen and reports given


Guaranteed payment for your logs at the BEST prices


For poles and logs it pays to have a harvester processor like the waratah head on our website. The ideal setup is as follows if you have 10 hectares or more and hills etc. For a clean cut check the crews who you get to work for you and what gear/machinery they use. Many just have an excavator but if no skidder they cannot do the work properly. ASK WHAT GEAR THEY HAVE.

Heres an example using a 10-15 hectare block :

1/. An excavator harvester is a must for straight logs not pruned. Its fast, clean and quick plus the harvester will grade and cut to suit. A harvester is fast & can make less of a mess due to working in one spot at a time. Normally another ex will bunch then a skidder will bring out to the skid site ready for loading onto logging trucks.

2/. A grapple skidder. If trees are on steep sloped then they need to be recovered by a grapple excavator and then bunched into a stack. A skidder then removes them or a forwarder machine to the front skid site or wherever a skid site is based

3/. Log Skidder: must be used and faster than a bulldozer & less mess. The skidder brings the logs from the back to the harvester. Again no mess and can make the track although the grapple of the excavator is also used by a skilled operator to swish a track esp in sand country.

4/. Another grapple excavator in the front to grade and stack as well as load the logging trucks. These can vary from 20-30 tonne machines but must be capable of taking off trailers and some trucks arry up to 48 tonne of logs.

5/. The beauty about a harvester is that trees can be bunched at the rear & the skidder brings them forward to be cut then stacked. All the branches, debris & offcuts are then in the front of your block on the skid site and so the mess is limited otherwise windrows are stacked at various points

5/. Least but not least the saw cutters who fell the trees & have an important job to do who work ahead of the machines.

These trucks use tonnage meters so know exactly what loads they carry. In sand country the wheels are controlled by the driver to raise and lower the pressures of the tyres so easier to work in. All trucks communicate direct to the loader driver en route so delays are avoided and if too wet they can be cancelled easy. We use only the top Logging Transport Companies & these are the best in the business.

Please send us the following information:

1/. Approx acreage of trees in hectares or acres & where?
2/. If tracks are in the block therefore access to the whole block ?
3/. How old in years of trees and if pruned/unpruned/or stages
4/. How close to roadways / how close to any buildings
5/. Any streams or rivers in or near the block

We will then get back to you

email us for no obligation

free quotes



"Let us log your forestry block as have the crews "


Whatever you do PLEASE do not cut your hedge like this [ BAD --- HEDGE CUTTING MACHINE ]

We are also suppliers of NEW Komatsu spare parts for PCs up to 4 tonne as well looking for agents to buy our [ retread truck and bus tyres ]. RUBBER EXCAVATOR TRACKS FOR SALE all models : [ RUBBER TRACKS ] [ Kiwi bulldozer parts links ]

[ Installing a wood burner ]

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