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We cover the lower North Island and specialize in house

repiling and micro piling

We have small excavators & conveyors for those tight corners . 1.7tonne, 3.5 tonne, 5.0 tonne, 7.5 tonne 13 tonne & various trucks


After the last war days there were many homes built in NZ on hardwood piles with no concrete foundation. There were piles made of bricks & mortar & concrete in old kersene square 4 gallon cans as easy to fill with concrete. Over the years home owners would replace with bricks and concrete & packers. However they forgot to place footings to hard surfaces which meant subsistence over the years. In a lot of old homes it is not unusual to find that the floor is not level due to the piles in the house. This is a major cause of homes that need repiling and levelling today and there are many..... But not only are piles a problem so too are the old State homes with brick and mortar wall foundations which crack when an earthquake appears.


  • Bad deteriorated timber piles THAT ARE NOT TREATED as there was no treatment in those days apart from creosote or oil which was not sufficent to stop the bugs. Totara piles were used and nails rusted over time as bearers were not treated as well.
  • Piles made that had no stabilization or were missing   – some removed to provide storage space under the floor which allowed uneven flooring once finished as the undefloor was not braced to carry the weight
  • Then there was soft ground allowing piles to sink as well as water seepage over the years which subsided the ground
  • It was also hard to level a house as one could not see either side of the house unlike today when we use lazer levele and can look at all sides. Past days one used a clear hose like the Egyptians did back in time.
  • Added to that some floors were not up to building standards as they spanned the room too far or had the wrong dimentional timbers incorporated
  • The worse of course is rot itself as timbers were not tanalised in those days and many hafrdwoods like macrocarpa were dug into the soil which had no retention.
  • Again the framework structure of the house had rot in walls & as we know a lot of borer

Before we carrying out a renovation, we carry out a general inspection of the whole house and all the floors and check for tell tale signs of movement in the house including doors, windows, structures like architraves, skirting. We also check under the house and the floors for levelling.


When repilers check a home they look at the outside perimeter of the home and the section iself to determine the soil type as well as slopes, water run off etc. They can then visualize by sight if the house is out of level by looking at the house on all sides. Normally a house out of level is caused by the foundations not level as the main culprit which they will note on our visual. When they check the floors inside & the foundations underneath they can see more clearly the problems at hand. However from the outside the first sign of deterioration is normally the outside piles around the whole house. These are the first to show problems due to being weather prone & also because of damage by wood bugs & rot. They should also look at the chimney for any upward or downward movement of the foundations [ which are normally concrete] which is another tell tale sign. Once this is seen they can run a lazer level around the outside of the building to check the levels and determine the heights etc and convey to plan.


A problem today with state and even council houses made of brick and stucco ring foundations that are collapsing, moving or not safe. They are now a problem homes built from 1940-1960 as not many regulations existed let alone insulation and standards set. This situation accentuates further today with every earthquake over 6.0 magnitude. Most older homes built during and after the war days are affected.


New Zealand houses were generally built on flat land with good foundations but over the years to come we have seen homes on all sorts of land. This came in the form of reclaimed sections to hills and sides of hills to old dump sites and refuse sites that have never had time to deacy or breakdown let alone have a stable foundation. Also many sites were not compacted so the soil moves stilll.

2.1.4 Bearing All foundations shall bear upon solid bottom in undisturbed good ground material (except where permitted and modified by the requirements of Paragraph 3.2) or upon firm fill for which a certificate of suitability has been issued in terms of NZS 4431. Where good ground is at a depth greater than 600 mm, the excavation between the good ground and the underside of the foundation shall be filled with 10 MPa concrete

With solid foundations & deep piles securing a house makes for a secure building but many of the older homes such as below are no longer up to earthquake specs and many will have to be demolished in NZ as they lack compliance and are structurally unsound in construction.

Don't let this happen to you??



Murray and Kelly James look at their destroyed house in central Christchurch Wednesday 23rd Feb 2011.

(AP Photo/Mark Baker) & Boston.com

HOUSE REPILING is where a house has been sitting on wood or concrete piles supporting the home on its foundation. These piles have now split, moved, broken or rotted away causing the house to be uneven and leaning and needs replacing and the depth of the piles is not enough to hold your house in any earthquake such as just happened in Christchurch NZ.


The piles in a typical older NZ house were normally Totara logs with no concrete around them. They have been dug into the ground and then the bearers of the house sits on top. Some piles in places like Wanganui house owners, used old 10 gallon kero containers and filled them with concrete then put them under a house with nothing holding them in place but just resting under the bearers and joists. In New Zealand homes, the older the homes are, the worse state they fall into and all houses on wooden piles will need replacing at some stage. With new rulings coming into vogue after the now Christchurch earthquake you need to look at your piling situation & contact the experts for a free analysis.

You need to look at the piles when buying a house and when selling a house to make sure they are secure and level as this alone will undervalue any home. But the wooden piles rot over time. In places like Opiki south of Palmerston North there are peat beds and the houses sink so they need to be repiled with strong tani or concrete piles and have a large base of concrete bedding. Some houses are repiled in part only and need the balance done but we inspect and show you what is needed to complete any job.

Even Commercial Buildings need work: Statistics New Zealand's Wellington headquarters in 2016 magnitude 7.8 earthquake. A collapsed concrete floor support unit, cracked pavements, exposed pipes and smashed glass were among the problems facing the Harbour Quays building.he earthquake displaced about 500 staff based at Statistics House, which is owned by port company CentrePort, in turn owned by Wellington and Manawatu regional ratepayers.





In most if not all full repile work there will be a need to replace floor boards, weather boards, bearers and rotted joists etc.You must remove all chimneys and relevel where needed.

When your house needs repiling do not do any alterations to your home or extensions until this is looked at as the house will move once raised and relevelled by us. Even with new extensions which a lot of house holders have done over the years damage may occur when we level the house and we carry out this work. This includes the floors and the weatherboards or outside wall linings so when you get a quote this is all part of it.Make sure you budget for the full job as normally there are items and things that may occur that we must attend to.


We have 5 diggers of all sizes from 1.7tonne to 13 tonne & ASSORTED TRUCKS

& can remove fill using our conveyor system in tight corners



Yes you can smile once you repile your home

house repiling Otaki to Wellington

  • Maybe your house is on a lean, creaks or sways?
  • Doors, windows cupboards, are not closing properly or are out of alignment-- easy with old sash cord windows.
  • Check under your house to see if the piles seem firm & not cracked, broken or split
  • Check your floor levels & cracks in your gibboard or wallpaper is torn
  • The old ‘Bouncy’ floors while walking through the house are a giveaway.
  • Concrete piles are showing cracks or signs of wear leaning over. Bearers show signs of wear & rot
  • You are about to build on or want home renovations so this is important to check.
  • Check for any movement in your home at all for us





Re-piling, Re-leveling houses, Rebuild floors walls etc & renovations
Underpinning brick houses. Lifting of foundation on a brick veneer house
Install moisture barriers, underfloor insulation
Remove brick chimney; old paths, additions
Ask for a written guarantee for our work for 10 years
Make sure the company has comprehensive public liability cover

All work MUST BE to NZS 3604 standards

Ask your local Council regvarding Building permits to NZ Standard Specifications, Engineers reports & covered by Public Liability Insurance.

Just email and click on me  

"You'll breath a sigh of relief when you see your home relevelled

and repiled that will be safe from earthquakes in NZ "

Check more on Repile work [ Houses & earthquakes ]

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